Advantages Of Pre-Need Planning

  • You have the satisfaction of prearranging and preplanning the exact type of funeral service you desire
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing the service will reflect your lifestyle
  • Funeral prearrangements give you the satisfaction of knowing the price is guaranteed
    • You need not be concerned about price increases with pre-need funeral arrangements
    • Prearranged funeral services guarantee there will be no surprises
  • Pre-need funeral arrangements ensure your loved ones are forced to make difficult decisions at an emotional time
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that you provided the funds for the inevitable
    • You will not leave a financial burden for your loved ones
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that you can take care of this today through funeral prearrangements for a small monthly or annual consideration

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Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements and Burial Insurance

Would you like to know why more and more people recognize the financial and emotional advantages of pre-need funeral arrangements and burial insurance?

Today's funeral service costs less than you might expect but the price of funerals has almost tripled in the last 15 years and the cost continues to rise.

Usually, payment for goods and services is expected prior to the services rendered unless funeral prearrangements have been made prior to needing them.

I work exclusively with the Palmer-Marler Funeral Home with locations in the Cimarron River Valley area of Oklahoma including Cushing, Oklahoma – Stillwater, Oklahoma – Yale, Oklahoma – Perkins, Oklahoma. Together we can ensure your final expenses are not a burden through pre-arrangement funeral planning and burial insurance.

Contact me today about pre-need funeral services or funeral prearrangements and burial insurance so we can begin assessing your needs and remove this burden from your loved ones.